Arkansas Flag
State Flag of Arkansas
Considering that it's such a simple and elegant design, the Arkansas state flag is charged with meaning.

After learning that Arkansas had no state flag, the Daughters of the American Revolution's Pine Bluff chapter sponsored a state-wide contest featuring a panel of judges selected from the state's most distinguished citizens. Miss Willie Hocker, herself a member of the Pine Bluff D.A.R., was the winner with a flag nearly the same as today's version. It featured a red background, a white diamond with a blue band containing 25 white stars and three blue stars in the center. The colors are, of course, are representative of the red, white and blue national colors. The diamond shape represents the nations only diamond mining industry and the three stars represent the three countries to which Arkansas belonged at various times: Spain, France and the United States.

Immediately following the flag's introduction, the name of the state was added, then soon after that, a fourth star was added to represent Arkansas's membership in the Confederate States of America. Arguments broke out about the arrangement of the blue stars and the current design was eventually agreed upon with the lone star at the top being the C.S.A. star.

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