Georgia Flag
State Flag of Georgia
Like many states prior to the Civil War, the State of Georgia had no official state flag and thus, displayed the U.S. flag atop the Capitol. Then, just days after the election of President Abraham Lincoln, the first of what became to be known as the "Secession Flags" was hoisted over Savannah beginning what would become the longest string of flag changes that any state has yet experienced.

Like other Confederate states during the Civil War, Georgia flew the flags of the Confederacy. But following the War, there began a series of flag changes, most of which borrowed from the design of the C.S.A. First National Flag. Then, in 1956, Georgia adopted a new design that incorporated the Confederate Battle Flag.

Even though the new Georgia state flag was the target of almost constant controversy, it remained for more than three decades and was eventually replaced in 2001 by a completely redesigned flag intended to appeal to everyone. Of course, in reality, it appealed to almost no one.

In 2003, incoming Governor Sonny Perdue came to the rescue, signing the adoption of a new flag that was actually a variation of the original First National or Stars and Bars flag but with 13 stars as opposed to seven stars in the canton and the State Seal at the center.

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