Hawaii Flag
State Flag of Hawaii
If the state flag of Hawaii looks to you more like the flag of a British colony than of these United States, that's because Hawaii was a British protectorate at the time the flag was designed.

For who knows how long, the islands of Hawaii had existed as separate kingdoms that coexisted in relative peace. Then, in 1810, a young political "chief" obtained a modest European ship which happened to feature a cannon. With his cannon, a small cache of European guns, and a band of followers (to wield the guns) Kamehameha was able to establish his rule over the entire island chain.

By 1816, Kamehameha the Great, as he had come to be known, with his government firmly in place and recognized around the world, introduced the Hawaiian flag that is now the State Flag of Hawaii. The eight stripes represent the eight islands of Hawaii and the British Union Jack represents the relationship the island nation enjoyed with Great Britain.

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