Iowa Flag
State Flag of Iowa
With the entry of the United States in World War I, popular support arose among Iowans to adopt a State flag that Iowa Regiments could carry into battle. But that idea never came to fruition because the U.S. Government had adopted a policy of forming regiments without regard to the geographical origin of soldiers. However, at the same time, Iowa was sending National Guard Units to the Mexican border to defend against raids by the Mexican Army into U.S. territory and Iowa Governor William L Harding was anxious to have a State flag for the National Guard units.

Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt of the Daughters of the American Revolution submitted the design, which is still in use today, for the Iowa State flag which was quickly approved by Governor Harding. Interestingly, Annin & Co., which makes the Iowa State flags we sell today, was chosen to manufacture the flags for use by Iowa National Guard units. The Iowa Regimental Flag, as it was then known, was officially adopted as the State flag in 1921.

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