Kentucky Flag
State Flag of Kentucky
Unlike most other states where an agreed upon design, or even an actual flag had been produced before being officially adopted by a legislative body, a rather vague specification for the state flag of Kentucky was codified in the laws of the Commonwealth in 1918, two years before the first flag was made.

Following the end of World War I, in a ceremony at Camp Zachary Taylor in 1920, the very first Kentucky state flag was raised. The reaction to the design, however, was anything but favorable and a committee was formed to make recommendations on how the flag might be improved. It's not known what happened to the work of the committee accept that the recommendations that were supposed to have been produced never made it to the Governors desk.

It wasn't until seven years later, when newly elected Governor Flem D. Sampson requested a State flag for a military ceremony, that a second State flag was produced. This time, an art teacher by the name of Jesse Cox Burgess created a design that was then used to construct three flags in time for the ceremony. Many more years went by before a specific design for the Kentucky state flag was approved by the Legislature in 1962.

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