Maryland Flag
State Flag of Maryland
In a way, the Maryland State flag predates the English presence in the New World in that it is a combination of two separate family "colors" from England. The designs originate in America with the first Lord Baltimore, George Calvert, who combined heraldic elements from both his father's (Calvert) and mother's (Crosslands) families to produce a coat of arms to represent his position as the colonial proprietor of the Maryland Colony. Subsequent Maryland flags show only the yellow and black Calvert family design until the time of the Revolution.

Then, in 1854, a new State Seal was adopted using the yellow and black Calvert colors and flags showing these colors again became popular. At the outset of the Civil War, loyalties between the North and the South were severely divided and the red and white Crosslands colors gained popularity among sympathizers to the Southern cause.

Following the end of the War, the Calvert and Crosslands family colors eventually were reunited in the flag design we are familiar with today. As early as 1880, the new flag was being used in an official capacity at public events and it was adopted as regimental colors in 1889 by the Fifth regiment of the Maryland national Guard. The State Legislature finally adopted the design as the State Flag in 1904.

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