Mississippi Flag
State Flag of Mississippi
Mississippi, like most other states, had no official state flag prior to the Civil War.

When secession came, Mississippi briefly adopted a blue flag with a single white star that had been the flag of the Republic of Florida in the early part of the century and is now known as the Bonnie Blue. After only a week or two, the Sovereign republic of Mississippi officially adopted a new flag known as the Magnolia Flag which featured the depiction of a magnolia tree in the center and a blue canton with a single white star. The Magnolia Flag would remain as the official State flag for more than three decades.

The current design for the State flag of Mississippi, consisting of the Confederate Battle Flag in the canton and three horizontal red, white and blue stripes, passed the legislature in 1894. There was a failed attempt in 2001 to remove the Battle Flag from the canton and replace it with a circular "medallion" pattern of twenty stars, but the revisionists were stopped.

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