Montana Flag
State Flag of Montana
With the sinking of the "Maine" in Havana harbor in February 1898, our nation quickly headed towards war with Spain. In Montana, volunteers were assembled for training at Fort William Henry Harrison as the First Montana Infantry, under the command of Colonel Kessler. Kessler wanted his men to have a flag to carry into battle when they reached Cuba, so he had a flag made, consisting of the State Seal over a blue background with the words, "1st Montana Infantry U.S.V." embroidered above the State Seal.

When the troops returned home, the 1st Infantry flag also got something of a heroes welcome and was presented to the Governor. In 1905, the flag was officially adopted as the State Flag of Montana, with the reference to the 1st Infantry removed of course. The state's name across the top was not added until 1981.

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