Nevada Flag
State Flag of Nevada
Nevada is a state that has been through some drastic changes, and that holds true for the state flag as well. The first State flag dates to 1905 and was a simple, but eye catching design consisting of three words displayed horizontally across a blue background—"Silver" at the top, "Nevada" in the center, and "Gold" at the bottom, with gold and silver stars separating the words.

The second flag, designed in 1915, featured 36 gold and silver stars arranged in a "football" pattern across the flag within which were the State Coat of Arms, the word "Nevada" and the motto, "All For Our Country." That design however, never got any traction because the detail and number of colors made it very expensive to reproduce.

The third State flag was actually a design submitted by "Don" Louis Schellbach III that was selected as the winner of a contest in 1926 that was sponsored by Lt. Governor Maurice J. Sullivan. Schellbach was friends with Sullivan and outgoing Governor James Scrugham, so it is not surprising that when power in the State Government shifted to the opposition party, Schellbach's flag was ignored by the Legislature. Schellbach also lost his job on the State payroll and moved to New York City. His design however, survived, was eventually adopted by the State in 1929 and, except for some minor changes, is the Nevada State flag we know today

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