North Carolina Flag
State Flag of North Carolina
The state flag of North Carolina dates to 1865 and is a simple, but striking design consisting of two horizontal stripes, the top one red and the bottom, white, and a vertical blue bar at the hoist end. Centered in the blue bar are the letters, "N" and "C" separated by a white star with the date of "May 20th 1775" in a scroll above and the date, "April 12th 1776" in a scroll below.

The date, May 20th, 1775, refers to the "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence", a document for which there is no copy in existence. According to accounts, citizens of Mecklenburg County convened at Charlotte on May 20 after receiving news of the battle of Lexington and drafted a "Declaration of Independence" which was subsequently delivered to Philadelphia. While there are plenty of skeptics who debunk the story, there is quite a lot of evidence for the document, including the written records of John McKnitt Alexander, who was in attendance at the convention in Charlotte.

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