South Dakota Flag
State Flag of South Dakota
When most people hear the phrase, "the Sunshine State", they immediately think of Florida. But it was not that long ago that the term belonged to South Dakota.

The original design for the state flag of South Dakota was created by Ida Anding in 1909 at the request of Senator Ernest May. The flag Anding designed depicted a yellow "blazing sun" centered on a light blue background with the name of the state in a semi-circle above and the phrase, "The Sunshine State" in a semi-circle below. May added the State Seal to the back side of the flag when he introduced a bill to adopt the flag that year, so for many years, the State flag had two completely different sides.

In 1963, in an effort to make the State flag less expensive to make, the State Seal was superimposed over the sun image, thus both sides could now be the same. Then, in 1966, after adoption of "The Mount Rushmore State" as a state nickname, the flag was officially changed to reflect the new nickname and "The Sunshine State" was ceded to Florida.

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