Vermont Flag
State Flag of Vermont
Early versions of the Vermont state flag looked nothing like the current State flag, but a lot like the United States flag.

Vermont was admitted to the Union as the fourteenth state in 1791 and Kentucky joined the following year. Two years later, the U.S. Congress adopted a new flag with fifteen stripes that we know of as the Star Spangled Banner today. In 1903, when Tennessee and Ohio joined the Union, Vermont was planning their first State flag. Anticipating the addition of two more stripes to the National flag, Vermont designed a State flag with seventeen stripes and the word, "VERMONT" in upper case letters across the top.

But in 1817, the U.S. Congress, realizing that it had become impractical to continue to add stripes, reverted back to a 13-stripe flag. Vermont decided at that time to redesign it's own flag and in 1838, adopted a flag with 13 stripes and a single white star, within which was the Vermont Coat of Arms, in the blue canton. Finally, in 1919, Vermont adopted as their third State flag, a design that had been used by military regiments for some time, consisting of the State Coat of Arms on a blue field.

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