Virginia Flag
State Flag of Virginia
Although Virginia did not adopt a State flag until the end of April, 1861, following secession from the Union, the design is the work of one of Colonial Virginia's foremost citizens, George Wythe, eighty-five years prior. Wythe was a prominent resident of Williamsburg, then the Capitol of Virginia, where, among many other things, he taught law at the College of William and Mary. Thomas Jefferson, who was one of his law students, so revered Wythe that he wrote of him, "No man ever left behind him a character more venerated than George Wythe. His virtue was of the purest tint; his integrity inflexible, and his justice exact; of warm patriotism, and, devoted as he was to liberty, and the natural and equal rights of man, he might truly be called the Cato of his country."

Among some of his achievements, Wythe was the first Virginia signer of the Declaration of Independence, a framer of the US Constitution and 1776, the Designer of the State Seal of Virginia. The Seal Wythe designed became the State Flag in 1861. The Seal, contained within a wreath of holly, depicts Virtue, sword raised in victory, standing with one foot upon the prone and vanquished Tyranny with the famous motto, "Sic Semper Tyrannis", translated as "Thus Always to Tyrants" below. The Seal is centered within a white disc on a background of blue.

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