Wyoming Flag
State Flag of Wyoming
Dr. Grace Raymond Hebard, a professor at the University of Wyoming and regent for the state chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, proposed in 1916 that the D.A.R. sponsor a contest to choose a State flag. The competition was widely advertised and it caught the attention of Wilbur Parke Keays, who then suggested to his daughter that she submit an entry. Verna Keays was a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, so she was certainly qualified but she lacked motivation. However, as the deadline for submission of a design drew near, her father's pleas became more frequent.

Finally, Verna awoke from a dream one night in which she had envisioned the design that was eventually chosen to be the Wyoming State flag. The State Legislature approved the new flag and on January 13, 1917 it was officially adopted by Governor Robert D. Carey.

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