Colorado Motto
Nothing Without Providence
The state motto of Colorado is "Nothing without Providence" (Nil Sine Numine in Latin).

The Latin phrase "Nil sine Numine" is commonly translated as "Nothing without Providence," but it was specifically stated in a government committee report that the original designers of the state seal intended the translation to be "Nothing without the Deity."

Numine is Latin meaning any divinity, god or goddess.

Other mottos and slogans of Colorado:

  • Enter a Higher State
  • Pike's Peak or Bust
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Colorado:
  • Now 100% John Denver Free!
  • If You Don't Ski, Don't Bother
  • Colorado Rocks
  • Where It's Legal to Get a Rocky Mountain High
  • Ski Your Aspen Off
  • We Are So Totally High Right Now
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