Florida Motto
In God We Trust
The state motto of Florida is "In God We Trust".

The Florida state motto is identical to the United States motto. The Florida motto was adopted by Florida Legislature in 1868 as part of the state seal but was not yet accepted as an official state motto. It was only as late as July 1, 2006 when "In God We Trust" became the official state motto of Florida.

Other mottos and slogans of Florida:

  • The Sunshine State
  • The Land of Good Living
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Florida:
  • Ask Us About Our Grandkids
  • America's Wang
  • The Plywood State
  • The Gunshine State
  • Senior Citizen Discounts Available
  • Leave Us Alone, We're Busy Enjoying the 82 Degree Winter
  • More Than Just a Great Place to Die
  • Where America Goes to Die
  • Get Off of My State, You Kids!
  • So Close, You Can Smell Fidel
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