Idaho Motto
It is Perpetual
The state motto of Idaho is "It is Perpetual" (Esto Perpetua in Latin).

The Idaho motto was adopted in 1891 as an element of the state seal.

The Idaho state motto has its roots in a sentence made by Pietro Sarpi (1522-1623) a Venetian theologian and mathematician. His last words before he died were: "Esto perpetua", meaning: "Mayest thou (Venice) endure forever".

The editor of the 1920, "History of Idaho: The Gem of the Mountains", James H. Hawley says:

"Miss Emma Edwards of Boise, now Mrs. Emma Edwards-Greene, who designed the State seal, says that the words Esto Perpetual 'breathe the prayer that the bounty and blessing of this land may forever benefit its people.'"

Emma Edwards-Greene translated the Idaho state motto as "It is perpetuated" or "It is forever".

Other mottos and slogans of Idaho:

  • Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations
  • Famous Potatoes
  • Adventures in Living
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Idaho:
  • More Than Just Potatoes ... Well Okay, We're Not, But The Potatoes Are Real Good
  • Potatoes and ... Well ... That's About It
  • Hi there! Want a Potato? Wait. Stop. Where are You Going?
  • You Want a Potato? Yeah, I Think We Can Help You Out With That
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