Indiana Motto
The Crossroads of America
The state motto of Indiana is "The Crossroads of America".

The Indiana state motto was adopted in 1937. It began as the nickname for the city of Indianapolis, which is the hub for several major Interstate highways that criss-cross the state, connecting Hoosiers to the rest of the United States.

The Indiana Department of Administration explains the meaning behind the Indiana state motto as:

"'The Crossroads of America' signifies the importance of waterways, railroads, highways and other transportation facilities in the state, viewed by many as some of the finest in the nation."

Other mottos and slogans of Indiana:

  • Restart Your Engines
  • Enjoy Indiana
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Indiana:
  • We So Corny!
  • 2 Billion Years Tidal Wave Free
  • Dan Quayle's Favorite Country!
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