Kansas Motto
To the Stars Through Difficulties
The state motto of Kansas is "To the stars through difficulties" (Ad Astra Per Aspera in Latin).

The Kansas state motto appears both on the state flag and state seal.

The Office of the Governor of Kansas conveys the following about the Kansas motto:

"This motto refers not only to the pioneering spirit of the early settlers, but also the difficult times Kansas went through before becoming a state. The anti-slavery forces and slavery proponents waged battles in the electoral process as well as on the battlefield. Kansas earned the nickname “Bloody Kansas” because of the war regarding slavery, much of which was fought on Kansas' soil."

Another note about the Kansas state motto is written by Robert Hay in The Great Seal of Kansas, in the Transactions of the Kansas Historical Society:

"The idea represented by the motto itself is very old and occurs frequently in classical poetry, in German set phrases and quotations, and in feudal mottoes of the European nobility."

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