Minnesota Motto
The Star of the North
The state motto of Minnesota is "The Star of the North" (L'Etoile du Nord in French).

The Minnesota state motto was chosen by Henry Sibley, the state's first governor, and the Minnesota motto was adopted by Legislature in 1861 along with the state seal. The adoption of the Minnesota motto happened three years after Minnesota became part of the Union in 1858.

The Minnesota motto is also a cherished symbolic memory of the French missionaries, traders, and explores that centuries ago entered the territory of Minnesota - some to do business, others to settle down and make a living.

Other mottos and slogans of Minnesota:

  • Explore Minnesota
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Minnesota:
  • 10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Moquitoes
  • 10,000 Lakes and No Sharks!
  • Land of 10,000 Petersons
  • Save a Minnesotan - Eat a Mosquito
  • Mosquito Supplier to the Free World
  • If You Love Minnesota, Raise Your Right Ski
  • The Hockey State
  • One Day It's Warm, the Rest of the Year It's Cold
  • Where Visitors Turn Blue With Envy
  • Land of 2 Seasons: Winter is Coming, Winter is Here
  • Glove It or Leave It
  • Home of the Blonde Hair and Blue Ears
  • Where the Elite Meet Sleet
  • There Are Only 3 Things You Can Grow in Minnesota: Colder, Older, & Fatter
  • Have You Jump Started Your Kid Today?
  • Land of the Ski and Home of the Crazed
  • Home of the Mispi-Mispp-Missispp (Where the damn river starts!)
  • Why Minnesota? To Protect Ontario from Iowa!
  • Survive Minnesota and the Rest of the World is Easy
  • Come Fall in Love With a Loon
  • We're Not as Fat as Wisconsin
  • 4 seasons: Almost winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction
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