New Jersey Motto
Liberty and Prosperity
The state motto of New Jersey is "Liberty and Prosperity".

The New Jersey state motto was adopted in 1777 and these strong, optimistic words are featured on both the state flag and state seal.

The message behind the New Jersey state motto reflects back to a crucial event in the history of New Jersey, which happened just one year before the adoption of the New Jersey Motto - the declaration of independence.

The year of 1776 represents the culmination of the colonists' many year long dissatisfaction with the British ruling: among other things their restrictions on trade and their high taxation. So in 1776 the New Jerseyans declared their independence to Britain and severed their connection to the King.

Seen in this light, the New Jersey state motto reflects powerful, patriotic sentiments of independence and optimism towards the future. The New Jersey state motto may therefore be seen as a symbol of national freedom.

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