Ohio Motto
With God, all things are possible
The state motto of Ohio is "With God, All Things Are Possible".

This Ohio state motto is from 1959 and is the result of a contest sponsored by the Ohio legislature to select a state motto.

Surprisingly, the winner of contest was 12 year old boy, James Mastronardo from Cincinnati, who presented the bible quotation from the book of Matthew: "With God All Things Are Possible".

The story doesn't end here, however. The American Civil Liberties Union decided in 1997 that the Ohio state motto with God as main character was a direct attack on religious freedom and the case went all the way to court.

The result of the ensuing lawsuits was that the Ohio motto was perceived not to violate the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The reasoning was that the Ohio state motto did not refer to a specific God of any particular religion - in other words the Ohio motto "With God All Things Are Possible" is open for interpretation.

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