Oregon Motto
She Flies with Her Own Wings
The state motto of Oregon is "She Flies With Her Own Wings" (Alis Volat Propiis in Latin).

The Oregon state motto is said to represent both sentiments of independence from Britain and the independent nature of the early settlers in their abilities to make a living in the new territory and create a new government.

The Oregon motto was adopted by Legislature in 1987. The phrase is much older than that, however. The Oregon motto was actually written 133 years earlier in 1854 by Judge Jessie Quinn Thornton and was put on the territorial seal.

The Oregon motto has had quite a turbulent history during these 133 years and was in fact not always entitled "She Flies With Her Own Wings". In 1957, the Oregon state motto was changed to "The Union". Senate historian Cecil Edwards points to the public division of opinion in relation to slavery as the driving force behind changing the Oregon motto to "the Union".

The national pride of innovative achievements and history of independent nature of Oregon citizens did make the government change the Oregon state motto back into "She Flies With Her Own Wings" in 1987.

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