Pennsylvania Motto
Virtue, liberty and independence
The state motto of Pennsylvania is "Virtue, Liberty and Independence".

The Pennsylvania state motto first appeared in 1778 on the coat-of-arms designed by Caleb Lownes of Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania's Declaration of Independence from Britain took place two years earlier in 1776 and most likely had a strong influence in the choice of independent national sentiments displayed in the Pennsylvania motto.

In the years leading up to 1873 many changes were attempted to the coat-of-arms until one that looked very much like the original design by Lownes was finally decided upon and adopted along with the Pennsylvania state motto in 1875.

Today the Pennsylvania state motto also appears on the state flag.

Other mottos and slogans of Pennsylvania:

  • Pennsylvania, Memories Last a Lifetime
  • You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania, America Starts Here
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Pennsylvania:
  • Cook With Coal
  • Philly, The City of Brotherly Love (But not the Gay Kind)
  • If I Had a Car, I'd be Home Now
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