Tennessee Motto
Agriculture and commerce
The state motto of Tennessee is "Agriculture and Commerce".

The Tennessee state motto is one of the youngest state mottoes and was adopted by the General Assembly as late as in the year of 1987. The Tennessee state motto is taken from wordings featured on the 1801 great seal of Tennessee.

The Tennessee motto "Agriculture and Commerce" is also symbolically represented on the seal. On the seal is pictured a plough, a sheaf, and cotton stalk which all contribute to represent the state values attributed agriculture. Commerce is symbolized by the riverboat.

Other mottos and slogans of Tennessee:

  • America at Its Best
  • The Stage Is Set For You
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Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Tennessee:
  • The Educashun State
  • Where Teeth are Optional
  • Don't Make me Take off my Bible Belt
  • As Seen on COPS
  • Got Teeth
  • The Dollywood State
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