Utah Motto
The state motto of Utah is "Industry".

This simple, labour orientated Utah state motto appears on both state seal and state flag.

On the design of Utah's coat-of-arms a beehive is depicted, a symbol - just like "Industry" - of early settlers wilfully building up a society. In spite of conditions being rough and the land harsh, they built their society from scratch with very little resources other than each other and hard work, their "industry".

The Utah state motto was adopted in the year of 1959.

Other mottos and slogans of Utah:

  • This is Still the Right Place
  • Life Elevated
  • What People are Talking About
  • Greatest Snow on Earth
  • Utah! Where Ideas Connect
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Utah:
  • Our Jesus Is Better Than Your Jesus
  • 73% Mormon, 100% Sexy
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