Wisconsin Motto
The state motto of Wisconsin is "Forward".

The Wisconsin state motto was adopted in 1851 as an element of the seal and coat-of-arms.

The story goes that the Wisconsin state motto was chosen at meeting between Governor Dewey and Edward Ryan. Apparently Ryan and Dewey were sitting in front of a Wall Street Bank and spontaneously designed the seal and selected the Wisconsin motto right then and there.

The state of Wisconsin emphasizes that Wisconsin's motto symbolically reflects "Wisconsin's continuous drive to be a national leader".

Other mottos and slogans of Wisconsin:

  • Live Like You Mean It
  • Life's so good
  • Escape to Wisconsin
  • Stay just a little bit longer
Some funny mottos and politically incorrect slogans of Wisconsin:
  • Come Cut Our Cheese
  • We Eat People
  • Smell the Dairy-Air
  • Not so Boring If You're Drunk
  • Smells Like Cheese
  • Eh, It Could Be Worse
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