Alabama Seal
State Seal of Alabama
The Great Seal of Alabama was approved by the Alabama Senate and House in 1939. The seal prominently displays the words “Alabama Great Seal” in the outer circle. The inner circle of the seal features an outline of the state of Alabama showing the state’s major rivers, as well as the adjacent states.

Interestingly, this version of the seal had actually been used prior to 1939 way back in 1819 when Alabama first became a state. Even before that, the same seal was used when Alabama was just a territory. The first seal of the state of Alabama lasted from 1819 for 50 years, until the legislature decided that a new seal was needed during the Reconstruction period. The original seal was scrapped, and a new one featuring the U.S. seal and an eagle became the official seal, lasting until 1939.

That’s when the original seal regained the approval of the legislature, and the first “Alabama Great Seal” became law again.

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