Maine Seal
State Seal of Maine
In June of 1820, three months after Maine became a state, the legislature drafted the design of the state seal. Since that time, there have been variations in the details of the seal, but the overall design and images remain true to the spirit of that legislative session.

The center of the seal is a shield adorned with a tranquil scene of a moose resting in a field bordered by water and woods, with a pine tree standing tall directly behind the moose. On either side of the shield, a farmer rests on his scythe, and a sailor leans on an anchor. Above the shield is the motto "Dirigo" ("I lead"), and a stylized North Star. And below the shield is a banner that simply reads "Maine".

The legislature of 1919 decided that the design of the seal should no longer vary, and froze the design, and it is still used today.

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